Why do we have to wash our hands? 

Stay Healthy, Wash Your Hands: Why We Need to Keep our Hands Clean 

Hello, my little friend! Today, we’re going to talk about something very important: washing our hands. Have you ever noticed grown-ups and other kids washing their hands with soap and water? Washing our hands is a simple and powerful way to keep ourselves healthy. Let’s find out why we need to wash our hands and how it helps us stay strong and happy! 

Bye-Bye Germs! 
Our hands touch so many things throughout the day, like toys, food, and even our own faces. Sometimes, these things can have tiny germs on them that we can’t see. Germs are like little bugs that can make us sick. Washing our hands with soap and water helps us say bye-bye to those germs and keeps us healthy. 

Keeping Our Bodies Strong 
Our bodies have a special way of fighting off germs, but sometimes they need a little help. Washing our hands helps our bodies stay strong and fight off any germs that might try to make us sick. It’s like giving our bodies superpowers to stay healthy and happy. 

Before and After Meals 
Before we eat our meals, it’s important to wash our hands. This helps remove any germs that might be on our hands so they don’t get into our tummies and make us feel unwell. After we finish eating, we wash our hands again to clean off any leftover food and germs. It’s like giving our hands a nice, refreshing bath! 

After Using the Potty 
When we use the potty, we wash our hands afterward. This is because the potty has germs that we can’t see, and we don’t want those germs to get on our hands. Washing our hands with soap and water makes sure our hands are clean and ready for more fun and play. 

When We’re Feeling Sneezes and Coughs 
Sometimes, we get sneezes and coughs, and that’s okay! But it’s important to wash our hands afterward. When we sneeze or cough, tiny droplets can come out of our nose and mouth, and they can carry germs. Washing our hands helps get rid of those germs and keeps us and others around us healthy. 

Clean Hands, Happy Friends 
When we have clean hands, we can share toys, hold hands, and give hugs without worrying about passing germs to our friends. It’s like a secret superpower that helps us be good friends and keep everyone happy and healthy. 

Washing our hands with soap and water is super important for our health. It helps us get rid of germs, keeps our bodies strong, and prevents us from getting sick. Remember to wash your hands before and after meals, after using the potty, and when you sneeze or cough. By washing our hands, we become superheroes of cleanliness and keep ourselves and our friends happy and healthy! 

Washing our hands removes germs and keeps us healthy. 

It helps our bodies stay strong and fight off sickness. 

We wash our hands before and after meals to prevent germs from getting into our bodies. 

After using the potty, we wash our hands to clean off any germs. 

Washing our hands after sneezing or coughing keeps us and others healthy. 

Clean hands allow us to be good friends and share without spreading germs. 

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